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Original Art, Fine Art Prints, Stationery and Hand Made Art Supplies.

Designed in Wellington, New Zealand.


TwitchANZ Creative Showcase November 2023

I am taking part in the TwitchANZ Creative Showcase from November 20th to December 3rd 2023! I will be featured on the front page of Twitch in Australia and New Zealand! If you would like to drop in and show your support please visit my Twitch channel and say hi during this time!

Ratbag Art Market

On November 25th, I will be at Ratbag Art Market here in Wellington, with my art, art prints, stationery, and hand made art supplies! I will post another update closer to the date and I will also be preparing for the market live on my Twitch channel on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

New in The Shop!


I am an artist based in Wellington, New Zealand mainly working in oils and watercolours. I also love digital painting and surface pattern design! I love creating art and designing products based around my love for animals and plants.

Overseas customers can find my art as art prints, and on clothing, accessories, home decor and more at Society6, and Redbubble!

Pet Portraits

Your Pet's Portrait in Oils or Watercolour

I will produce a portrait of your pet either completely from a clear reference photo provided by you, or with one or two additional accessories that suit your pet's personality.

How I Work

I paint using a glazing technique with oil paints, in many thin layers of oil paint to build up a detailed and luminous portrait of your pet. In watercolours, I also work in glaze layers and add the final details with coloured pencils to create a mixed media portrait.

I stream my art process live on Twitch four days a week so you can see the progress live, and watch the painting come to life bit by bit!

View Commission Options on my Ko-fi Page!

Support My Art Journey

Join Me on Patreon!

I had my first solo exhibition in October 2020, and am now starting work on a new series of paintings for my second exhibition!  My Patreon allows me to share more of my process, behind the scenes snapshots, project updates, and so much more with you! Your support also helps me to continue as a full-time working artist.

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