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Do You Love Cute Handmade Kiwiana New Zealand Design?

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About Me

I have been cartooning and designing websites since 2003. I have always had a love for ‘kawaii’ character design and stationery. Now I create my own, I hope you love it too!

I love designing kawaii products with a Kiwiana twist to make your day more delightful! Wherever possible I use components and materials that have been sourced in New Zealand. When this is not possible, I like to use environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sweeten up your accessory collection with Kiwi lolly jewellery, or cuddle up with a cute Eskimo Lolly plushie. Haul your daily essentials in a cute tote bag!

Overseas customers can find art prints, clothing accessories and more designs at Society6, ArtofWhere, PAOM, and Redbubble!