New Products Coming Soon!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that a shop update will be happening very soon! I am just in the final steps of adding the last few products and taking photos and loading the listings!

The new product lines include stickers, stationery, and a new small line of hand made art supplies! There will only be one or two available of some of the items as they are all hand made by me, but more will be coming in the next update!

I am so excited to share these new products I have been working on for so long, and this is just the start of a new direction for my hand made items!

I will be adding preview posts to my social media channels over the next week, so pop on over to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tiktok to get an early sneak peek and a new product reveal!

Have a great week ahead everyone, and I'll keep you posted!