New Logo for Squibble Design!

Hi everyone!

Just popping in to let you know that Squibble Design has a new logo!

The logo is an abstract paint palette shape and the blobs of paint on the palette are in the shape of a paw print. This reflects my focus on painting and illustration and the fact that I love painting and drawing animals!

I have kept my current branding colours. They fit with the cute jewellery designs I enjoy creating, and the paint blobs also remind me of little candy drops so that fits in nicely!

The new branding has now been applied everywhere online, and you will see that I am now 'SquibbleDesign' everywhere on Social media!

I am keeping my 'Squibbleworld' Twitter account, but all Squibble Design shop updates and news will be posted to SquibbleDesign on Twitter.

The Facebook page URL has been updated also! You can now find it at

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